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Jarvis Signature Tours is set in 150 acres of private Welsh countryside, boasting vast open areas, steep hill descents and awesome hill climbs. Choose your level of riding challenge or simply ride to your hearts content in the open countryside.


What will I learn:

  • Balance

During the day you will be taught how to balance correctly up on the pegs ready to challenge the balance beam and preparing you for the next step in the training program.

  • Control

Obstacles when enduro riding come in many shapes and form. You will encounter tyres, logs, rock gardens, riverbeds, the list is endless. Our instructors will teach you the correct techniques to challenge these with the correct approach and control. Your confidence by the end of the day will prepare you for your next adventure.

  • Hill Climbs and Control Descent

Apart from pin the throttle open wide and send it boy! Our expert instructor will assist you with the all-important hill starts. In getting to grips with this tricky technique, our instructor will complete a step by step demonstration that will make this technique easy to follow. You will then enjoy the downhill controlled decent using effective gear, clutch and braking.

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