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Experience a 3 day enduro tour in Los Lagares, a 4 nights stay with 3 full days riding.

Come stay with us at Graham Jarvis's private compound, and ride with the Jarvis Signature Spain team in the beautiful Andalusian mountain area of Los Lagares. Straight from his quaint farmhouse compound, explore the on-site private training area before venturing onto the trails and scenic challenging hills, ravines, and arroyos that offer breathtaking views and terrain around Pizarra, Sancti Petri, Carratraca, Slate, and Alora.

All skill levels are welcomed and catered for. Basic/Intermediate/Advanced training is offered, including easy trails or the more extreme. It's totally your choice and ride arounds or bypass trails are always an option.
Each morning, after a hearty breakfast, you will gear up and select your mount from the current, well-maintained, stable of Husqvarnas. Two stroke and four stroke enduro machines of various displacements are available. Pick your favorite or try something new and different.

Typically, we come off the trail and have lunch at a cafe or restaurant to sample the local fare. After a bit of food, rest, and relaxation it's back onto the trail.

After a day of challenging and/or scenic riding its back to the compound to chill out with your new best friends and discuss the days exciting events and socialize.Another great option at Jarvisland...Bring your spouse/significant other! There are many attractions in the area. We can suggest shopping opportunities, wine tastings, historical sites, tours, and dining venues. Additionally, there are mountain bike, e-bike, and hiking possibilities! While you’re out playing in the amazing terrain that makes up Spain, they are enjoying their own great day! Everyone regroups in the evening!

It's all inclusive upon your arrival. Our team will meet you at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport and transport you up the mountain to the Los Lagares, Jarvisland Compound. For the complete enduro experience, all you need to bring is your riding gear, some casual attire, personal care items, and a sense of adventure!

Come alone or form up a group. It's a life changing experience that you'll never forget!

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3 day Enduro Tour Spain

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