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Jarvis Signature tours Portugal


Portugal is a welcoming country, historically rich, culturally substantial and gastronomically unpaired... but what sets it apart from anything else in Europe is its potential for true free range offroad and adventure riding.

Nested between a sunny 900km long coastline to the west, hundreds of lush green mountains to North and grazing vast plains to the South, this bucolic country can offer a myriad of different experiences to those willing to explore it.

  • Ride on the cliffs over the clashing ocean waves? Sure!
  • Come out of a forest trail right into the backdoor of a centuries old castle? Will happen often! 
  • Taste the local typical delicacies in authentic locations? Every time we stop for a break!


Our headquarters are in Alcobaça, literally in the centre of the country, and only a few minutes away from the ocean. Here we provide all sorts of Enduro and Adventure tours, services and activities, that will delight every class or style of rider; from Novice to Pro and from those who like intake calories (check our Gastro-club!) to those who like to burn them!

We actively encourage you to bring your partner as there is so much for them to do while you are out riding. We can conduct visits to Lisbon to shop or sightsee, to Fatima, to check this wonderful centre of worship, the caves of Mire de Aire or the amazing beaches, the Obidos Castle and world record waves at nearby Nazaré.

Do you miss true offroad freedom and know how to appreciate an unexplored laid-back country where life is slow and the food is great? Then this is definitely the place to be!

So, what will it be?