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We arrive in Tribhuvan International Airport in the Capital of Nepal and after all the landing process we are finnaly trough the gates into the organized chaos of Kathmandu, the Local Crew of Jarvis Signature Tours is expecting you and from now on all will run smoothly and organized, relax in the Hotel, we’ll do the Check In for you, after all you are in the VIP Lane leading you to the most amazing ride you will ever experience in your life time...Come back to the Hotel Hall and lets enjoy together around the table for the briefing and welcoming party, lets get back to the Hotel as tomorrow we’ll enjoy the flight to the City of Pokhara, enjoy the breath taking views of the Himalayas, Overnight in the Heritage Hotel  and Welcome to Pokhara Ceremony.



After a nice International Breakfast we head to the Domestic Airport and after a short 25 minutes flight over the Himalayas we land in Pokhara and head straight to the Hotel, check in and get ready for our test ride around the Pewa Lake where we gonna have our first Off Road experience in the local trials, we head back after some hours and get used to our Husqvarna 250 EF of our choice, it will be tagged with your name for easy recognition, head back the Jarvis Signature Tours Nepal HQ and have a briefing and dinner party, after we head back to the Hotel and get ready for our adventure..Next Day !


Wake up call ! gear up with your fantastic personalized Jarvis Jersey and Pants, tight those boots and head to the Breakfast Lounge, enjoy the company of the other riders and jsut warm up ! now we head to LETE , our first stage in our journey to Mustang, we take the local trial that connects us to Sarangkot and take a short Highway ride that lead us to Beni, then after the Lunch we head to LETE,  depending to the time of arrival we explore local trials, head back to the Hotel and get ready for more..


Now the fun begins ! blast those trials of mud, sand and rocks, drift in the curves and follow the road to Muktinath, we cross Lete, Marpha and other Local Villages where we stop for the mandatory photo shooting, all the way to our final stop today is a mess and we love it ! ravines, gorges and a mix of sand, stone and mud makes the road more like a rally race..enjoy it until the last 10 kilometres to Muktinath where we’ll relax in a little tarmac until reaching the final destination, as always if there are some adrenaline junkies we have more under the sleeve for a complementary exploration around the area, let’s get back to the Hotel and dry those boots...relax under the fireplace and enjoy the rest of the evening.


After the breakfast those that want a fast path to Nirvana may go and receive the blessing at Muktinath Mandir or Temple, where the 108 water fountains of pristine Himalayan Water are waiting for you..get back to the bike and let’s ride to the Capital of the Kingdom of Lomangthang, the last forbidden Kingdom in the Himalayas, it is another day of amazing off road and the road disappears in both sides, it is up to you to find your own way or just take it “ easy “ and follow the “ road “ to our final destination, Lomangthang, we amaze by the local village and its millenary lifestyle, is a fantastic place and words are useless to describe the feeling of being in such remote area of the world with such an amazing team.


Our rest day and first day of local exploration begins with a visit to the Bhudist caves of Lomangthang, where we can perceive the energy of the austerity of the monks that carved the caves in the Mountains to have a peaceful place to meditate, we explore the most amazing trials in the Huskys and are happy to have EFI in such altitudes, all is a amazing experience, we head back to the Village for lunch and give our adrenaline junkies riders more chance to explore...overnight and relax under the fireplace with a cold beer or Local Wine...get ready for more.


The second day of local trials begins and we head to new destinations, we reach the Nepalese-Chinese Border and ride back and forth to new areas, amazing views and we shoot incredible pictures, videos and drone shoots for your life time memories, the Film Crew of Jarivs Signature Tours take the Job very seriously and be sure you will be the leading actor for the mandatory Adventure Film ..let’s get back and relax at the Hotel.


Our time at Lomangthang comes to an end..we get ready, load the Support Jeep and and head back to Muktinath, we know the way already so maybe we give full gas and try to make the best time, let’s explore more local areas and maybe buy some souvenirs that are only available in Muktinath like Shaligrams or high quality Yak Whool scarfs and other items, we have to say that just by being here you will get blessed and positive life events will follow, let’s get back to the Hotel and relax the rest of the evening, tomorrow we head back to Pokhara.


Ok, today we’ll make the best time possible, we have 176 kmts ahead of full off road but we know the way, we can be sure the Huskys will stand the abuse but is up to us to ride all the way back to Pokhara, after breakfast we start as early as possible, ride fast and safe, careful with the ravines and keep and eye on the unexpected...finally we reach Pokhar and it is a wrap ! relax and enjoy the company of your riding buddies the rest of the evening.



After the breakfast we head to Jarvis Signature Tours Nepal HQ and have some pictures taken, then we head to Pame, then 360 Point View, and other incredible local trials, we’ll keep busy all day riding and exploring the area around the Pewa Lake, we head a little early to the Hotel , relax and get ready for the Farewell Party at a Local Pub.



Transfer day to Kathmandu-Check In and Local Tour



We say goodbye and leave Nepal with the most incredible memories that will take time to digest and understand, besides the ride, the cultural richness of Nepal is amazing and we need time to understand all what we just have experienced, we are back home and already start to miss the freedom of riding in Nepal...Once is not Enough...



  1. Husqvarna 250 EF
  2. Fuel for the entire trip
  3. Mechanic
  4. Jeep Support
  5. Professional Film Crew
  6. Jarvis Signature Tours Jersey and Participation Certificate
  7. Welcoming KIT
  8. 2 Domestic Flights ( Kathmandu-Pokhara and Return )
  9. Best Accommodation Available along the Route
  10. Best Catering Experience
  11. English, Spanish, German Speaking Guides
  12. Local Trials Exploration ( Only with Jarvis Tours Nepal )
  13. Upper Mustang Entry Permit 500 USD
  14. Tims CARD Road Permit 50 USD
  15. Unforgettable Memories

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