About This Tour

Having in mind those who’s time is always short, we prepared an express adventure that compresses in only 3 riding days the 4 cornerstones of the Portuguese experience: The beautiful Atlantic coastline, the bucolic landscapes of the countryside, the laid-back life-style and the absolutely incredible typical gastronomy.

Let us take you along this ~600km selection of mountain snaky roads and scenic dirt trails to handpicked locations you’d never visit otherwise. An express experience you will NEVER forget!

Day 1: - Transfer + Warming up training tour
(120km, 30% scenic off road)

Early Morning: Transfer from Lisbon to the Jarvis Headquarters in Alcobaça (1h15m drive), meet the team, the tour guide and your fantastic new steed, the 2022 Husqvarna Norden 901.

We will then ride out onto some awesome “welcoming trails” (On and OFF road) around the region, have lunch by the sea in S. Martinho, and then a short visit to Obidos Castle and the ancient salt mines of Rio Maior. Along the way we will get to know each-other a little better, have the first glimpse of Portuguese beauty, and take some time to learn some essential off-road riding skills that will certainly be very useful in the next few days.

There will be a group dinner in the evening and a good night of sleep in a local lodging in Alcobaça.

Day 2 - Alcobaça to Serra da Estrela
(250km, 40% scenic off road)

After breakfast in the hotel we will head out North-East towards Serra da Estrela, the tallest mountain range in Portugal, where we will constantly alternate between scenic curvy roads and exciting dirt trails as we go up and down the peaks until we get to our destination hidden in a valley: Piodão, a dazzling centuries old village built entirely out of slate. Thats where we will spend the night, but not before a proper Portuguese feast of traditional food in the local restaurant.

Day 3 - Serra da Estrela to Alcobaça + Transfer
(260km, 30% scenic off road)

We will make our way back to Alcobaça, but of course taking a different route, this time around the Castelo de Bode dam, right in the geodesic center of the country, in a area surrounded by rivers, lakes, fluvial beaches and smooth, zigzagging mountain roads. If time permits, we will pay a visit to Almourol Castle, built on a tiny island right in the middle of the Tejo river, definitely a wonder to behold.

By the end of the day we will reach Alcobaça and the end of the tour.

What is included

Accomodation (Twin shared room), breakfast (x2)

  • 3 days Motorcycle rental (2022 Husqvarna Norden 901) with 3rd party insurance
  • Transfers to and from “Caldas da Rainha” or “Alcobaça”
  • Gift pack including Jarvis Jersey to wear during the trip
  • Expert guide present at all times (English, Spanish and Portuguese speaker)
  • Basic Personal insurance

Rentable extras

  • Single room supplement
  • Protection equipment: Helmet, boots, armor + knee pads + gloves
  • Waterproof overalls
  • Rent the bike for extra days
  • Special transfers to Lisbon or extra accommodation: Please contact us

Must bring

  • Returnable deposit: 750€
  • Minimal protection equipment: Helmet, boots, armor/armored vest, gloves and kneepads (or rent it from us)
  • Driver’s license ← No license no bike, sorry guys!

Should bring

The bikes will be equipped with 2 x 15L soft bags, so plenty of room for the required personal effects for this trip. All extra unnecessary luggage can stay back in Alcobaça in Jarvis headquarters.

  • Mandatory protection equipment: Helmet, boots, armor + knee pads + gloves (or rent it from us)
  • Waterproof overalls or waterproof riding gear (or rent ir from us)
  • Basic riding apparel à (pants + jacket + extra jersey/tshirt (or rent/buy it from us)
  • Set of practical clothing to use for dinner (shirt+pants+snickers/shoes)
  • 1 fleece, sweater or not too bulky jacket (something warm for the short night walks)
  • Underwear + socks (socks get sweaty inside the boots so definitely bring a pair per day)
  • Your personal hygiene kit
  • Travel insurance with repatriation
  • Small medical kit comprising: Aspirins/paracetamol/some form of pain killer /Lip salve/Sun cream
  • Energy tablets to chew during the days

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