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The Last off-road paradise in Europe

Portugal is a hospitable country with a rich history, rich culture and unrivalled gastronomy ... but what sets it apart from everything in Europe is its potential for truly free off-road and adventurous driving.

Nestled in the midst of the vibrant 900 km west coast, hundreds of lush green mountains in the north and pastures on the vast plains in the south, this bucolic country offers many different experiences to those who are ready to explore it.

Motorycle Tours Around Portugal


We are based in Alcobaça, literally in the middle of the country, just minutes from the ocean. Here we offer hire of our fleet of Enduro and Adventure motorcycles from Husqvarna, suitable for any class or style of rider; from beginners to professionals. We also have a range of motorcycle tours for those that want the extra luxuries of a guide and accommodation.

Adventure Motorcycle Hire

Portugal is The location for the perfect adventure bike ride, and what better bike than the new Husqvarna Norden 901. Here at JST Portugal, we have a whole fleet of these beautiful motorycles, fully kitted out ready for you to hire. Along with the motorcycle hire, we offer helmet, boots, armour and GPS hire... so you can not only ride in comfort, but plan your hire route too.

Hire From €150 Per Day
Motorycle Adventure Tours Portugal
Motorycle Enduro Tours Portugal

Enduro Motorcycle Hire

When it comes to enduro bikes, we have a large fleet of 2022 Husqvarna motorcycles (FE450 4T, FE350 4T, TE300i 2T and TE150i 2T) for you to take to the trails on. We off our enduro motorycle hire on a daily basis and includes a guide who will take you to the best riding spots for your abilities.

Hire From €250 Per Day