About This Tour

Once you arrive at our Base Camp we’ll get you fitted with riding gear, boots and whatever else you need.

Our best ‘Jarvis’ riding areas are just a short drive with our bikes on the trailer to where we’ll set up camp for the day.

Depending on our itinerary (varies with the season and rider experience) we’ll loop around and swing back to our accommodation each night for a slap up meal and a couple of beers. Our finish time each day will depend on your endurance and daylight hours. If we get lost, well, it’ll take us a bit longer. Haha!

The pool will be a good place to cool down, and the bar a great place to rehydrate.

Next morning breakfast is around 8 am so we can get out riding asap.


On the final day we’ll head back to Base Camp for some storytelling and more than a few laughs! Hopefully, there will be some video evidence of our adventures, for better or worse!!

Our TraIl Locations

Adelaide River – Boulderdash & Snake Creek

Hundreds of kilometres of single-track, 4x4 trails and some incredible scenery amongst the most challenging riding the Northern Territory has to offer. The hills aren’t huge, but they’re steep, rocky, and loose. This tour is recommended for intermediate riders and above. Only those that enjoy harder and more technical terrain will truly enjoy the Boulderdash Trails.

Wild Horse Plains & Kangaroo Flats

Wild Horse Plains and Kangaroo Flats have the most incredible flowing trails that carve through some insane floodplains. You’ll slalom through termite mounds, epic ridgelines and yes – wild horses. Cracking hills and very technical ridge riding are available if you’re up for it, but unlike some other areas, we can avoid the hard stuff if you prefer.

Wet season closes these areas for a few months each year. We’d like to ride there but the flood plains get, well, they get flooded.

Gunn Point & Crocodile Dundee

Ok, cut to the chase. Some parts of the movie Crocodile Dundee were filmed here, very close to our Base Camp.

Thousands of acres of sand, single-track and flood plains. It’s full of crocodiles so we won’t be doing much swimming here. There’s a couple of full days riding to be had around Gunn Point, including Gunn Point Beach. It is one of those rare places it’s still cool, and legal, to ride up to the water’s edge.

Kamfari Trails

The current home to the local enduro club, and home to the classic Kamfari Enduro – one of Australia’s longest-running dirt races. Held at the end of the wet season, the Kamfari is all about mud and water. We avoid the worst of the wet season here, but in drier times the vast area has a ridiculous network of singletrack. There must be upwards of 300 kilometres there.

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Whats Included?

3 Days Ridings

2 Nights Accommodation

Husqvarna TE250i or FE501 Motorcycle

All meals included

Airport Pickup Included

Riding Gear Included

Professional & Knowledgeable Tour Guides

Fuel Included

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